An x-ray image of your breast used to look for cancer.

What is Mammogram?

The X-ray shot of the breasts for the detection of breast cancer is a mammogram. Early breast cancer screening mammograms play a vital role in raising mortality from breast cancer. During a mammogram, your breasts are compressed to spread the breast tissue between two firmer surfaces. An X-ray then takes black- and white pictures of your breasts on a computer screen and is tested by a physician seeking cancer signals.


IIC acquired a leading mammogram company called ICM Medical group in 2019, and our goal was to modernize Southern California’s mammogram technology and experience, so IIC is proud to introduce to the USA’s only 5-senses approach to breast cancer screening to help support patient care.

IIC is also fortunate to modernize women’s breast imaging with modern mammogram technology, called wide-angle 3D tomosynthesis, which allows patients to experience a mammogram that has “less squeeze” with “more accuracy” – both items patients deserve.


It’s been stated by health experts Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch, the 5-senses, combine to help support a person’s health.  At IIC, we believe this whole experience to be true and developed the only 5-sense mammogram experience, so when patients arrive at IIC for their mammogram, you will experience something completely unique in the USA to better support your annual mammogram experience.


Patients will notice something very different about IIC’s mammogram from all others out centers, a healing lighting package which IIC trademarked as MammoMood Lighting ™ which was purchased to support a women’s breast health experience.  Lighting can impact outcomes in a healthcare experience, so we hope patients appreciate this small detail purchased to lessen exam anxiety while supporting your exam experience.


IIC’s CEO, Bradley Schmidt, read the #1 reason why women do not get their annual mammogram is because of the “uncomfortable compression” used in traditional digital mammogram (or analog) systems.  Fortunately, IIC invested in Comfort Compression Mammogram ™ with Wide Angle 3D Tomosynthesis which allows 30% “less squeeze” while adding “more accuracy” using “3D tomosynthesis” – all tools to reduce “false alarms” with more exam tenderness.


IIC believes aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of essential oils used to reduce anxiety and depression while supporting body and mind relaxation, is a great tool to support women’s breast health – so IIC guests will find IIC using the use of Jo Malone aromatherapy diffusers (Jo Malone is an English perfumer “found” by Oprah in 1999) –so we hope you enjoy the scents of Red Roses, English Pear, peony and blush, lime basil, etc to support your medical exam.


To mitigate the possibility of mild exam anxiety and stress, Inglewood Imaging Center (IIC), incorporates meditative music in our mammogram exam process.


IIC is also fortunate to have outstanding people including our staff radiologists, Centinela Radiology Medical Group, who are also staffed at Cedars-Sinai and Prime Healthcare.  Shari Benson and Gina Howard our clinical mammographer team, Rosa Gonzalez our site mammo scheduler as well as experienced management and reception staff.

Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell and ask your mammographer about “TASTE”

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