IIC Modernizes Women’s Health with “Less Squeeze More Accuracy”.

I’ve heard it called “the panini press” and the “George Foreman Grill,” a test that helps supports early cancer detection, is required annually (or biennially) after age 40, and has helped raise the overall 5-year survival to nearly 90%, yet…is dreaded by women (and men) globally as an awful (yet necessary) experience.  Of course I am talking about the annual mammogram. 

I am happy to report IIC we are now able to bring to California’s healthcare landscape a modern mammogram experience with “Less Squeeze and More Accuracy!” with technology and process to help support patients, MD’s, managed care and insurance access through our recent technology investment and center modernization.


Annual exam compliance is approximately 45%, so IIC felt it could be possible to revolutionize the experience and lowering the #1 complaint (pain) by inventing a “5-Senses Approach” – touch, sight, sound, smell and even taste – to give our patients an extraordinary experience.  Here is what patients can expect:

  1. Sight:   IIC invested in MammoMood™ lighting which engulf patients in warm inviting colors transforming their interaction from utilitarian to personal.
  2. Touch: Our Comfort Compression Mammogram™ was just rated last week as having about 46% “Less Squeeze” required for “optimum compression” – a kinder mammogram experience.
  3. Smell:  IIC is bring aromatherapy (Jo Malone orange blossom is our first fragrance)  to help surround the patient with comfort.
  4. Sound:  Patients will receive a room full of soft calming “spa” music to alleviate anxiety.
  5. Taste:  For their efforts, IIC would like to support a patients exam completion with a small piece of chocolate (unless diabetic).


The “More Accuracy” portion of our women’s health refers to our technology modernization, rare and remarkable for Southern California, where world-class breast imaging technology can be used locally to include:

  1. 3D Wide Angle Tomosynthesis:  Just like cell phones, airplane seats & home TV’s, “wider” can offer a lot of benefits –  so when choosing a vendor IIC felt a “wide angle” 3D mammogram with tomosynthesis allowed a more accurate exam.
  2. Artificial Intelligence & Computer Aided Detection (AI CAD).  IIC’s mammogram uses artificial intelligence (AI) CAD software to help “highlight” suspicious areas.
  3. Potently “40% less call backs”:  Data reviews is stating our technology investment may potentially reduce the dreaded “patient call backs” by up to 40% from conventional digital mammograms – saving both patient anxiety and insurance dollars – which we hope supports managed care providers well as well as Health System HEDIS tracking measures.  (See pubmed link below).
  4. Tracking & Reporting: IIC’s robust IT includes a modernization of mammography patient tracking and reporting software used to help schedule, coordinate, track and report exams findings and follow-ups.

We think this approach is great for our managed care partners, patients, referring MD’s and community.

For Scheduling please call the below numbers.  We are starting services on 10/14/2020.

  • 310-672-9729
  • 310-672-9720 (efax)

Please call or text me with questions.  

Bradley Schmidt

CEO & Founder – Inglewood Imaging Center, LLC

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