IIC New MRI Achieves “A” Rating, Disparity Solutions, Trademark Award, PET/CT Prostate & TAR’s, 2021 Cash Rates

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone for your support of IIC mention how remarkable it’s been to experience and overcome 2020 together.  Enclosed are the 4 important updates related to:  1) MRI technology, 2) disparity solutions, 3) metastatic cancer imaging (PET/CT) advancements, and 4) patient support tools/cash rates. Here is to a remarkable 2021 (and the upstart Trojans winning the NCAA championship).


As we mentioned late last year, Inglewood Imaging Center, LLC modernized our facility with new technology including a new wide-bore, high-channel, MRI system.  The reason we went “new” was coil technology improvements and sound reduction techniques that dramatically improve the patient exam experience offering more comfort, exam space, which is faster and remarkably quiet.  PATIENTS LOVE IIC’s NEW MRI – a professional athlete even flew in recently from Oklahoma to “visit” it!

I am also happy to report the images being produced at IIC are incredibly accurate, achieving one of the highest radiology physics scores in the State, with a 95% physics score! IIC’s brilliant MRI Ph.D. Physicist even sent a brief note on the system’s image quality stating:

“…your new MRI scanner is fantastic. The images look great to me… the SNR increased significantly, especially for T2 protocols (more than 3x). The uniformity is also improved. As a result, the low contrast detectability has significantly increased. My phantom score improved from 25 to 38. I believe you have made a great choice.”  – Ph.D. Certified Medical Physicist

Also related to MRI, IIC has modernized the patient intake screening experience to a visual one (Spanish form example attached) with the goal to reduce language disparity barriers to care that may exist for non-native speakers or the elderly. 


The one area where IIC has become a Southern California leader in our efforts to help solve population health and disparity.  Being a radiology-focused organization, we realized through market research there are 4 key factors to improving healthcare disparity which are: 1) be physically accessible, 2) improve patient experience, 3) invest in modern technology, and & 4)  improve education.

Breast cancer is a great illustration of disparity challenges, as the current National 5-year survival rate is 91%, however, African-American women have a 42% higher mortality rate.  To help solve disparity, IICcreated a healthcare slogan which was awarded a Trademark™ this month by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for our campaign called, “Less Squeeze More Accuracy.”

I know it sounds a little obvious, but our market research found 55% of women skipped their annual mammogram because of exam pain,  so when we were completing the installation of our new 3D mammogram system we discovered only IIC could save patients pain discomfort with “48% less squeeze required” (16 lbs. of pressure versus the standard 30 lbs. of pressure) resulting in the most comfortable mammogram in Southern California. “More Accuracy” was achieved by the addition of 3D tomosynthesis, artificial intelligence.   

The rationale behind this campaign is if you have a great experience, you will be more inclined to receive your annual exams, therefore allowing early detection with a higher survival outcome.  Our technology advantage is quite rare too in LA County, being the only tomosynthesis mammogram regionally for large portions of LA County’s patients.  Patients appreciate our exam “5-Senses Approach” incorporating sensory elements to improve the exam experience including lighting, sound, smell, touch, and even taste.   

We would love to show you how; please visit IIC for a personal tour or visit our website video:


Cancer imaging remains a core business focus, as IIC is currently the only metastatic cancer imaging PET/CT facility located between Cedars, UCLA, Torrance, Downey, and Downtown Los Angeles – and I am excited to announce we have expanded our PET/CT imaging to Saturdays.   We also added exam innovations by adding targeted radiopharmaceuticals for prostate cancer (called Axumim) and somatostatin receptor-positive neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) (called Netspot).  There are some drawbacks however, the radiopharmaceuticals are very expensive,  up to $5,500 for the isotope alone and scanning day restrictions, but the clinal images are very helpful in guiding accurate care pathways for physicians.

IIC values our role in supporting cancer PET/CT patients, so if you have a cancer patient needing PET/CT imaging we find the patients appreciate the following unique items found at IIC including:  1) Saturday Scanning, 2) Uptake “PET/CT TV Lounge” 3) friendly staff, 4) clinical exam coordination with specialists and 5) broad insurance coverage – even MediCal (TARs) which IIC is able to get approved in as little as 1-day.  


Check out 2021 patient cash rates for patients requiring a cash exam. 


There is a lot to be done in Southern California and we would love to collaborate or partner with likeminded organizations, so please reach me if you would like to discuss collaborations/partnerships. 

Take care,

Bradley Schmidt

CEO & Founder – Inglewood Imaging Center, LLC

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