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IIC Outpatient Radiology – Covid-19 Announcement

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to send a radiology resource announcement in the times of Covid-19.

IIC is open with a full slate of radiology including
PET/CT, MRI, CT, X-ray, etc.

Like everywhere and for everyone today there are some internal changes including:
* Comprehensive Staff safety (gloves, masks, extra screening, etc.)
* No intake of Covid Symptom patients (“fever” “dry cough” “headache”)
* Deep clean equipment after each exam
* “Quarantine” our on-site radiologist
* Isolate Cancer patients for added safety on PET/CT exams
* No Echo Ultrasound (on the order form)
* Some Screening Mammograms may be scheduled at a later date

With Covid-19 expanding regionally, several local hospitals have made the difficult decision to halt
outpatient radiology to reallocate personnel to fight Covid – so we wanted to support care with
expanded radiology access in a “socially isolated” outpatient radiology environment.

IIC appreciates our magnificent colleagues and considers it an honor to serve you in a time of need.

Please email/text/call with questions.

Bradley Schmidt,

Founder & CEO
Inglewood Imaging Center, LLC

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