IIC Update: New Trademark, HEDIS “Tutoring” (“A+ In Radiology”), “BBB” Event Photos

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to convey a tremendous amount of gratitude for the continued support of Inglewood Imaging Center.  Thank you for the continued support of IIC’s mission to expand Los Angeles County’s radiology access with a sense of compassion, technology, and innovation.  IIC was thankful to survive and modernize in 2020 and grateful to expand in 2021.   

Below you will find our final 2021 newsletter update – geared around healthcare education – which I hope you find helpful in improving care for Los Angeles County.


IIC was created as a convenient radiology healthcare access point for patients, insurance, and physicians who lacked modern radiology.  Initially, this meant bringing physical accessibility to millions of patients who otherwise would have to endure significant drive times to care hubs in Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Northridge, Torrance, Glendale, or Downey.  Yet as our facility modernization concepts evolved, we also realized there needs to be significant modernization also around patient exam “expectations” – as too often negative exam expectations and experiences were leading to care disparity in LA County. 

As a result, IIC has been modernizing expectations around all our machines, from a “TV lounge for PET/CT cancer patients” and a “spacious MRI” or even “x-ray hooray” experience.  IIC’s women’s health program took this one step further and we are excited to announce IIC has formally received a Trademark from the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) around mammogram expectations and experience for the new slogan “comfort compression mammogram.”

Understanding there is only a 45% National compliance rate for mammograms in the USA is a key reason IIC expanded our service to include education. Women love IIC’s mammogram process (at least tolerate it well), so this trademarked philosophy was built to impact exam experience disparity, as “negative exam experience” was the #1 culprit for skipping a mammogram in the USA.  We are thankful to offer patients a much more positive experience at IIC.   


Our focus on patient exam interaction, experience, and application of appropriate technology, has also led to remarkable collaborative discussions with IPA, MSO, and managed care colleagues around Federal HEDIS program measures.  For those not familiar with HEDIS scores, the Federal government provides a scoring mechanism supporting over 191,000,000 patients in the USA called Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set – or commonly referred to as “HEDIS” – which is a benchmark scoring tool to look at significant public health issues, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma. 

Radiology plays an important role in HEDIS quality measures – specific to osteoporosis, breast cancer screening, and low back pain – yet in speaking with our managed care colleagues, poor access to patients, capitated “too far” radiology centers, regional lack of quality, and negative patient experiences found outside of Inglewood Imaging Center, were unnecessarily decimating managed care quality measure scores. 

Therefore, please find IIC’s new quality measure “tutoring” program to support radiology and managed care collaboration which we’re calling A+ In Radiology A+ Radiology is a tremendous opportunity to help support our managed care colleagues, as IIC’s investment in access, availability, effective care, and experience of care all improve managed cares measured quality reporting figures. This program was designed to educate and uplift our managed care’s HEDIS scores to an A+ level

Special thank you to our friends at Global Care, Omnicare, MedPOINT, De Novo Health, and UMMA Clinic for their education on this subject.   


Each October, IIC brings the healthcare community together for our “Burgers, Beats and Breast Cancer” (“BBB”) lunch event.  This year’s event was remarkable as we hosted nearly 175 attendees from 40 healthcare organizations, with wonderful speeches made by our friends at Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, American Cancer Society and local artist Daisy Alfaro.  For those wishing to learn more about IIC’s 3 speakers’ topics please visit:

Thank you to our remarkable healthcare guests from AKA, American Cancer Society, UMMA Community, Global Care IPA, Venice Family, MLK Community Health, Advanced Radiation, T.H.E. Clinic, South Bay Community, Siemens Healthineers, Mission Community, Synapse Neurology, Cardinal Health, Genesis Care, City of Inglewood, Uptimum Oncology, Watts Healthcare, MedPOINT, Didi Hirsch, Proactive Health, Express Care Medical, and dozens of independent physician offices for attending.


IIC loves collaboration and partnerships, so please feel free to reach me via email or call with any collaboration ideas.  Also, if you would like to be removed from our newsletter, please feel free to reply with “unsubscribe” and I will remove your email.

Have a wonderful & fantastic 2022 everyone!

Take care,

Bradley Schmidt

CEO & Founder – Inglewood Imaging Center, LLC

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