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IIC Upgrades MRI for LA County & Introduces New Exam Order form

Hello Everyone,

As you may have heard, Inglewood Imaging Center (“IIC”) was able to negotiate a successful $1.7 million capital funding and I am happy to report our MRI department upgrade has been completed!  We ended up selecting a remarkable new MRI system, and are fortunate to be one of the first sites globally with it installed!  (Loma Linda University is adding our exact system shortly).


I know most patients have very little knowledge of MRI technology, but there have been some remarkable technological improvements related to 1.) exam imaging accuracy & 2.) patient experience.  MRI’s can be a very intimidating proposition for patients to endure, so our goal with the new MRI system upgrade was to create a kinder MRI experience that is faster, quieter, and more spacious, so we are excited to bring a wide-bore high-channel MRI system that is 17% more spacious, +/- 50% faster, up to 75% quieter than previous, and can be customed with music, lighting and airflow to help create a more comfortable patient exam experience unparalleled in Southern California. I’ve personally had 9 so far (as a test patient), and it’s actually quite pleasant – equivalent to flying business class versus coach as the extra few inches make all the difference.


IIC also has a special connection with several specialists, so we looked to add MRI features to help improve referring physician practices with modern features not typically found in Southern California.  For example, in orthopedics, there is a new software feature called “MARS” (metal artifact reduction software), which was added to our purchase agreement to help solve metal artifacts for orthopedists with metal implant issues.  We also brought software for Nephrologists (non-contrast “contrast” MRA’s ), urologists (Multiparametric prostate), Neurologists (advanced diffusion, SWI ), Internists (small parts software), etc.  Remarkable technology!

The IIC staff lead by Blanca, Nicky and Joe, completed advanced two-week onsite training, so if anyone would like customized protocols, please reach out to me to help establish a custom protocol for your practice.


The new MRI is an amazing Covid story as the larger capital project originated in the bleak days of covid (early April) where I thought, “what the one thing I can do now to improve Southern California’s healthcare at IIC?” – so we had courage to modernize during the dark early covid days in order to be to be ready for the brighter one ahead.   Another covid coincidence, we also found out the new MRI was “born” in Germany this April, 2020 – so it was meant to be apparently.


Also, find below the download link to the new IIC requisition form which was also developed during covid to make exams more accurate and “checkable” for referring MDs.  Special thank you to local Drs. Montecillo and Marshall for your “feedback” on our old form.

Please email me if you would like to stop by for a private tour.  It’s remarkable healthcare for a remarkable City and County. 

Take care,

Bradley Schmidt

CEO & Founder – Inglewood Imaging Center

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